Coastal Luxury Dream Home – Design Inspiration

coastal luxury dream home

17 Dec Coastal Luxury Dream Home – Design Inspiration

Building your cozy Coastal Luxury Dream Home is only the beginning of your Tarpon Flats journey. Next, you get to decorate it! Lucky for you, Coastal design never goes out of style giving you the freedom to create a living space that is truly timeless. But what makes a home coastal? View our gallery and discover the sea-crets of a Coastal Luxury Dream Home.

Coastal Luxury Dream Home – Design Inspiration

The key to elegant Coastal Luxury Dream Home design is to keep it simple. Too much bamboo and too many bright palm tree and Hawaiian fabrics will land your home in tacky fashion. Be strategic with home elements, mixing and matching with precision to create a unique home-styling reminiscent of briny shores and tropical settings.

Organic Home Elements


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Coastal Luxury Real Estate is inspired by the beauty of nature making organic design elements your number one go-to while decorating your home. Think driftwood frames, unfinished wooden tables, stone finishings and wicker touches.


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Color is one of your greatest allies. Using striking color combinations can transform the entire feel of a room. Think colors that remind you of a quiet morning along the waterfront. This means using more basic tones of muted blues, misty greys and seafoam greens as your color schemes base. Add touches of bright tropical greens, purples, red and oranges to make your Coastal Luxury Dream Home pop.


interior house plants

The final touch to your Coastal Luxury Dream Home will bring it to life. House plants are the best and final way to add a tropical element to your home that’s both appealing and economical. Not only do houseplants add aesthetic appeal, but also clean your home’s air and improve health. For your seaside retreat, try one of a tropical variety such as a Cat Palm, Croton Plant, Bromeliad or Bird of Paradise.

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